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    Name:Miss Yan
    Add:Room23,Ceremony domain of Building of ideal city,Xihongmen Street,Daxing District, Beijing, China
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        Beijing ZMHY Mechanical Equipment Co., LTD. is specialized in the imports of machinery and equipment, imported seals, industrial machinery, accessories and general parts sales and service integration company. The products are widely used in construction, metallurgy, mining, machinery, electric power, papermaking, railways, bridges, steel mills, oil field, petrochemical, wind energy and other fields. Professional technical consultants and sales team to provide you with the most professional technical advice and parts procurement services.

    ZMHY profits business scope includes the following areas:

       Seal brand and range:

        Japan CGK seal authorized exclusive agent in China

       Japanese NOK seals, Germany MERKEL SIMRIT CFW sealing, United States PARKER sealing, sealing of the U.S. SKF / CR Trelleborg (formerly Po Shamban B + S) sealing, Germany HUNGER sealed, Taiwan SOG Seal, Taiwan DZ Seals, Italy TECNOLAN liquid road Caine seals and other well-known brands.

         Product Type: seal, Lancaster letters Grameen circle, dust seals, sealing KDAS combination seal, O-ring, V-type combination, hydraulic seals, pneumatic seals, mechanical seals, damping element, Universal Seal and other items. Imported from Japan can be customized large O-ring.

       Brand and range of mechanical parts:

       The German GWB Cross gimbal bearings, GWB couplings.

       British ROTOLOIN bearing mainland Agent: Combined, SBB, MCR, the MR-type, MRF, MS, MSF, ML, MLF-series bearings.

       The Italian of CARINI precision gearboxes in mainland China only authorized agents.

       Germany BOSCH REXROTH Rexroth: piston pumps, gear pumps, vane pumps, solenoid valves, valve, oil pump, rail, proportional valves, pressure valves, sensors, motors, servo valves, relays.

       PARKER Parker of the United States: hydraulic cylinder, cylinder, hydraulic valves, pneumatic valves, servo valves, piston pumps, hydraulic pumps, motors, etc.

       American Sauer-Danfoss : cycloid motor, hydraulic pump, hydraulic valve, repair kit.

       Japan SMC Product: cylinder, solenoid valve, hydraulic shock absorbers, gas-electric converter, differential pressure gauge, sensor, controller.

       Japan YUKEN Yuken: hydraulic pump, solenoid valve, cylinder and so on.

       I adhering to the "credibility first, quality first, service first, customer first" business purposes, to provide you with professional technical advice and the best sales and service, welcome people from all walks of life to the brink of the negotiations, our company is willing to work with you hand in hand to create brilliant!

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